What are Real Estate Sign Riders and When to Use them?

In today’s world, the impact of digital marketing has outranked traditional marketing methods. Rather than looking through a newspaper for real estate listings, we go on our laptops and smart phones to search through social media, online ads, and other kinds of digital tactics. However, even with our many technological advancements, the simplest of methods can garner results. Take well-designed sign riders for real estate agents — it can stop someone in their tracks, distracting them from their phone long enough to get their attention.

What are Real Estate Sign Riders?

You may be unfamiliar with this term if you aren’t in the real estate business, but chances are you have come across quite a few. In the simplest of terms, sign riders for real estate agents are small signs that go underneath, on top, or next to a real estate sign. Sign riders contain extra information that is useful for potential buyers to know, such as an agent’s contact information or when the next open house will be. There are many other uses. Keep reading to learn more.

When to Use A Real Estate Sign Rider

Every real estate agent has a different approach, market, and budget, which will impact how and when they use sign riders to promote real estate. Whether or not you use a sign rider also depends on an agent’s goals and strategy.

One of the best advantages a sign rider offers is how easy they are to customize. If a real estate agent is looking to brand themselves, they can choose specific materials, fonts, colors, or catchphrases to identify themselves amongst potential buyers and other agents.

If there is an alluring feature about a home, like a pool or spacious bedrooms, sign riders for real estate agents can help highlight and promote these to all that pass by the property. Alternatively, real estate agents can use sign riders to communicate directly with prospective buyers by sharing what steps they need to take to get more information about a property. Agents can prompt people to text them so they receive leads directly to their smartphones and respond immediately.

The height and position of a real estate sign rider is also a factor to consider. Will more people be walking past the property or driving? If it is the latter, you’ll want to make sure the sign rider is visible and easy to ride for someone in a car. If it is the former, you have the ability to include extra information or position it below the primary sign frame.

Are Real Estate Sign Riders Worth it?

Although real estate sign riders come at an extra cost, they provide many benefits. They can help differentiate your property and signage from the other real estate agents in the area; provide customers with the information they need to buy the property; and advertise special features about a home.

Real estate sign riders can also be re-used, especially if they are made from long-lasting materials, which makes them an investment for real estate agents. By displaying the steps necessary to connect with an agent, sign riders become an important component of selling a property. Visit our website for more details.