Why Banners Grab People’s Attention?

If you are in the midst of opening a new business, then you know how crucial your grand opening is. It’s the catalyst for the rest of your business journey, but in order to make it a success, you need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Social media and radio ads are both great ways to do just that, but so are more traditional methods, like a grand opening banner. You may have your doubts, but it is a simple yet effective way to share your messaging with a large group of people while creating intrigue. Here’s how banners for grand opening can do just that:

Grand Opening Banners Help You Stand Out

Banners for grand openings that capture people’s attention are usually high-contrast in both color and layout. Using a lighter color for your background, and a bold color for your font, or vice versa, is more likely to catch people’s attention as they pass by than a muted color palette. But it’s not just the colors you need to focus on; it is also the sign’s surroundings. If a banner for a grand opening is hanging on a wall that is quite dark or made of a material like brick, it can easily blend in if you don’t use a bold pop of color. You can also play around with the shape of banners for grand openings. Using geometric and organic shapes creates more visual interest than a simple rectangular banner, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the signs we pass on a daily basis.

The Size of Your Grand Opening Banner Matters

If you really want a grand opening banner that will catch people’s attention, then it needs to be large enough to do so. This really depends on the location of your business and how most people will be accessing it. For example, banners for grand openings of businesses located within large buildings that are near busy roads should be big enough for someone to see it from inside their car at a distance. On the other hand, banners for grand openings of businesses located within smaller buildings that are walkable can be scaled down and hung at eye level. The same goes for font. Using a simple font with a hierarchy of sizes will allow for greater readability and more engaging messaging.

Focus on the Wording of Your Grand Opening Banner

It’s not enough to simply write “Grand Opening” on a banner and expect people to show up by the dozens. You need to entice people into caring by adding in some sort of offer or promotion. Banners for Grand Openings that promote a gift card to the first fifty people in line or advertise a BOGO discount are more likely to be noticed than a banner with two words on it. But again, you have to keep things simple because messaging that is too convoluted will also be overlooked or forgotten.

Hang Your Grand Opening Banner Early On

Like all messaging, the more people see it, the more memorable it becomes, so make sure your grand opening banner is hung before your store is set to open. You want to give people several opportunities to pass by your banner so they can absorb the information. Including a website URL or a social media handle on your banner also gives people ways to access more information about your grand opening.

Banners for Grand Openings are an easy, affordable, and effective way for businesses to advertise their brands and services. Not only does the size of a banner automatically catch the attention of a passerby but the ability to customize font, color, size, and shape gives a business owner countless options to brand themselves. Click here to learn more.